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Fido's Premium Hydrobath

A Hydrobath is used to wash dogs with a mix of warm water and shampoo. It sprayed at pressure penetrating through the dogs coat and onto their skin where most problems occur. They may help cure or prevent skin infections or kill fleas or other parasites. A hydrobath can help prevent arthritis through the massaging effect of the hydrobath. It achieve great results in curing skin disorders and promoting hair growth.
The Oldfield Dryer

The high air velocity blows water off the coat, straightens the hair shaft, adds volume to the coat, makes it smooth and soft. We will gently dry the hair from the root to tip ensuring that the coat is fully dry.
Hydraulic Grooming Table

Hydraulic Table features a wide base for extra stability. It can support a pet up to 300lbs. Textured rubber surfaces to prevent slipping. Provide more space for your dog
High quality Natural and Oatmeal Shampoo

We care about your dogs and we use the natural or oatmeal dog shampoo which reduce skin problems such as flaking, itching and forming of dog dandruff.  Oatmeal dog shampoo helps the dog’s coat absorb all the necessary oils to maintain good skin
A dog is the only thing on
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than you love yourself

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